09 novembre 2007


cambriolage1TIA stands for "This Is Africa. My exchange students fellows where using that expression when experiencing some weird or unexpected situation. We were joking about that however it made sense during the night of the 31st of october to the 1st of november. Actually, we were broken into around 3:30AM.

I was sleeping in an isolated room downstair with 2 other roomates. They actually were sleeping in a room into my room.That bedroom is surrounded by two walls and two large windows (see picture).

  • TIA n°1: A big noise woke me up in the middle of the night. I stood up and went off my bed. My first foot in the ground hit some broken glasses. We just got broken into. They smashed one of the windows to access 2 bags located just behind the windows. They used stones they found around the house. One of those bags was my luggage. Hopefully it was too heavy so they only dragged it on 5 meters and gave it up in the alley.
  • TIA n°2: Suddenly woken up in the middle of night, not knowing if the burglars were still around, why try to reach the other people upstairs that were sleeping. Conversation is going sideways. They don't really understand what happened.
  • TIA n°3: from downstair, we have no access to the alarm. We're just stuck in the bedroom. So we called the police on the cell phone emergency number (112). 2 minutes are necessary to reach the police. We finally got the local police on the phone. They are located 500 meters away from our house. However, it took them 15 minutes to show up.cambriolage3
  • TIA n°4: Police finally show up. The police man is alone with his gun between his hand. He comes up to  me. I said he should check around the house to be sure they're gone. He refuses and wait for the security guy that showed only 2 minutes after we set on the alarm.
  • TIA n°3: The security guy shows up. They checked the house with the cop. Nothing. Then he's taking my paper on a random paper sheet. Makes me sign. Doesn't even check my ID.
  • TIA n°5: The cop asks me plastic bags to secure the evidence. He goes back to the scene and picks random stones around, although the stone used to smash the window was obviously the one still standing into my room. I mention it but he answered that I'll show it to the guy responsible for taking the finger prints.
  • TIA n°6: The realtor, which really was devoted to us, show us around 4:30AM. He finally confess it might be a leack from the cleaning ladies.
  • TIA n°7: we then went in class and by coming back, the cleaning ladies had cleaned up everything. No more evidences except the useless evidences the cop secured in plastics bags.
  • TIA n°8: the finger prints guy arrives. But he confessed not being able to take proper finger prints from the evidence the cop secured. Just a wast of time.
  • TIA n°9: the realtor tell me that police is poorly paid and might have connection with the burglarars.
Since that, we are pretty cautious with the security rules. We moved to a new house the realtor kindlycambriolage2 offered at the same rate even if it's bigger.

By the way, I recently watched the movie Blood Diamonds. Actually the expression TIA come from this movie. Very good movie by the way.

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